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About Me

Beauty – all kinds of it – tugs at my heart. There’s beauty in everything, joy in every moment, however hidden. Although I fail frequently, I try to root myself in both the duty and the joy of the present moment. My past and present struggle with anxiety finds healing in this, putting aside both past regrets and future fears. But most of all, I am learning to trust in God. I seek to reflect this in the stories I tell, to share the peace I’m learning to find. That’s why my Instagram bio calls me a “writer of faith, trust, and pixie dust”. My stories’ heart comes from my Catholic Faith, flavoured with a dose of fantasy and a sprinkle of magic.

I’m a homeschool and university graduate who enjoys theology, music, and graphic design. At the ages of 15 and 16 respectively, I published two fantasy novels. Currently, I’m writing a Beauty and the Beast retelling.

Some of my favourite stories include The Lord of the Rings, P.G. Wodehouse, Narnia, Doctor Who, Jane Austen (my favourites are Mansfield Park and Sense and Sensibility), anything fairytale-related, Agatha Christie, John Buchan’s adventure novels…

I also provide book design services for self-publishing authors at Kairos Book Design – cover design and interior formatting. (My lifelong friend Rachel also provides editing through the site.) Our mission is to provide professional-tier design for an affordable price, so if you’re an indie author, take a look around that site!

What Readers Are Saying

“…beautifully written and keeps the reader wanting to read more.”

-Carrie Rachelle Johnson, author

“…a real thrill to read!”

-R.H. Dahl, writer

“…a unique, entertaining read and a great addition to the Christian fantasy genre.”

-Kait, book reviewer