I don’t claim to be a good artist (so don’t judge the below too harshly!), but I do like drawing; and as my two most recent sketches are related to the book I’m currently writing, I thought I’d post ’em here.

This first one is of the main character’s mother. I was trying to copy a picture of Arwen (from Lord of the Rings) but it didn’t quite work out; I looked at what I’d drawn and, seeing the woman’s wistful expression, realized it must be Einur’s mother.

Einur's mother cropped

The second sketch is of a scene that will come pretty near the end of the book. I’m not sure if the woman in it will be a woman in the actual book, but the picture didn’t look like a man and I didn’t want to redo it… This sketch is not as realistic as the first – no shadowing, much simpler and plainer – because I was drawing freely rather than from a photograph. Personally I’m extremely pleased with the way her hand turned out. I can almost feel myself holding the Emerald when I look at it!

(Sorry the caption is cropped off at the bottom, by the way – not sure what happened there.)

The Emerald of Life

Artwork copyright 2015 by Benita J. Prins.


11 thoughts on “Sketches

    1. One of my friends is really good at drawing horses as well, but I never could do them well! I always thought people were out of my range too, but with a lot of concentration and erasing I can draw a person that looks like a person. =) I’m still perfecting the art (no pun intended) of drawing a person who looks like the person it’s supposed to look like.


  1. Fantastic drawings! I love Einur’s mother; I hadn’t seen the other before but it is very good. (I’m actually writing about an Emerald of Life in one of my books, because I was playing with my brothers once and we were acting out a story we made up on the spot. It had a Sapphire of Death and the Emerald of Life and several bad guys….=) )

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      1. Oh, PLEASE don’t…It (the story) is coming on very well, and I find it so annoying when I find that someone has something I have……. Besides, you’ve got my Dragon coming on Garnas description already, and I loved that one. =)


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