Why Homeschooling is Awesome

As someone who’s been homeschooled from kindergarten (which, as a point of interest, I used to spell kidnergarden) to high school, I can honestly say it’s one of the best things that ever happened to me. Why? Why would I rejoice in forever being a shy bookish nerd with enormous spectacles? (Please observe my tongue, planted smack dab in my cheek.)

I speak and write the King’s English, for one thing. Through the elementary grades I worked through a lot of old programs which quite successfully drilled their agenda into my head. When I was little, people used to comment to my mum that I sounded British, and I think that’s partially a result of using proper grammar.

I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but a writer has to not only be imaginative, but also possess good writing skills. I have finally reaped the benefits of all those paragraphs, book reports, and essays that Mum used to force me to compose. Why do I thank homeschooling for this? Well, my best friend was also homeschooled, but only until the end of Grade 8. When she began high school, her English teacher asked the class, “Which of you have written an essay before?” The lone hand waving was that of my previously homeschooled friend. Not that I believe all public elementary school don’t assign essays (if I did, I’m sure many people would hasten to correct me) – but in my area at least, it looks like a lot of students missed out on that particular beloved part of childhood.

So much for specifically educational benefits.

I always had time to do things like writing stories. Instead of spending thirty hours a week, plus an undefined but likely horrific number of hours on the school bus, I did the day’s lessons, put away my books, and pulled out my story. All this without once rising from my desk.

Socialization, the question everyone asks of homeschoolers? My circle of friends is small, but we are close. Quality, not quantity! As for meeting new people: once I got over a medium case of shyness that plagued me throughout my earlier years, I rarely had a problem talking to anyone. In fact, the extra reading that homeschooling gave me time for, made it remarkably easy to have intelligent conversations with people twice, thrice, four times my age. Socialization = non-issue.

These aren’t all my reasons; I didn’t even start on how homsechooling caused me to have better relationships with my parents and siblings, or how it forced me to be self-motivated. But, in a nutshell, these are four reasons why homeschooling is totally awesome!

Note to regular readers of my blog: I’ll be off on vacation till Friday the 28th, so don’t expect a new post till the 29th or thereabouts!


3 thoughts on “Why Homeschooling is Awesome

  1. Hope you had a great vacation! I know many families who have home schooled. I have seen both failures and successes. I am happy that is has been such a great experience for you! I briefly contemplated it for my girls but decided I probably was not temperamentally suited and did not want to do harm.

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    1. Thank you, my vacation was great! I was staff at a girls’ camp for the week and the little girls were the sweetest!
      You’re right, homeschooling is not for everyone. But it is an important option, especially with the school systems being what they are!

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