Character Sketch: Einur

Einur Landman is the main character in the book I am now writing (entitled Seascape). This is the character sketch/bio I wrote up for him.

Character Sketch: Einur Landman

Born in the fifth month of the 4985th year after the Rebellion, Einur is the son of a shepherd and his wife: their only son and first of two children. His mother, born of Ledmi’s (the village) proudest family, seemed to have no use for Einur except as he would continue the Landman family line – instead she doted on his little sister, Aloden, nicknamed Lody. Though not outright mistreated, Einur was largely ignored by his mother. Due to his miserable childhood, his naturally outgoing personality morphed into one that was secretive, suspicious, and slightly morbid; the one person he cared for was Alode. Still, undeneath this, he was still an inwardly cheerful, loving young man. This character, however, is now deeply buried under years of hurt on which Einur has brooded, and it would take a good deal of work to bring it back to the surface.

At age eight Einur became the shepherd of his family’s flock of sheep, and henceforward spent every day, from dawn till dusk, alone in the pastures at the feet of the mountains. Here, when he was nine, he met Gernhr Smith, a boy of his own age and son of Ledmi’s ironsmith. Gernhr’s doting parents allowed him to spend two hours each afternoon doing his own thing; it was during one of these periods that he ended up on Landman property and met Einur. The boys quickly became as close as brothers.

Around this time Einur’s parents died – or so he was told, for he never saw their bodies. They had left on a long journey to Mourvh, the nearest village to Ledmi. A week after their departure, a farmer who lived near the Thema Pass brought the news to Ledmi that the couple had been taken captive by the savages who haunted the Pass. These savages were known for their merciless cruelty, and there was little doubt that the two were dead. Einur and Lody, at nearly 10 and just 3 respectively, were not told of the slight possibility of their parents’ survival – only that they were dead. True to his morphed nature, Einur was suspicious of all who offered to care for him and his sister,insisting that he was now head of the Landman tribe and would support his sister himself. In the end this had to be permitted, as Einur threatened to become violent; but neighbours kept a close eye on them, Gernhr’s mother and father especially, giving them subtle help which Einur did not realize was help, and therefore accepted.

In this way he came to his fifteenth birthday and, soon after, to the adventure.

I may do a series of character sketches for the characters of Seascape, depending on the reception of this one. Would you like to see more?


3 thoughts on “Character Sketch: Einur

  1. Nice! Very creative!
    You should definitely do more!
    Maybe coupled with character interviews if you like that kind of thing 🙂


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