The WWWWH of My Writer’s Life

This is a guest post by yours truly on the Kellan Publishing blog.

Hana-gawë! Or, for those of my readers who aren’t from Militer, greetings!

My name is Benita J. Prins; I’m a fantasy writer from Ontario, Canada. I love creeks and lakes, rivers and ponds, azure skies and fluffy clouds, lush grass and magnificent trees. Unsurprisingly, my favourite colour is blue, and green is a close second.

I’m elated to have recently published my first novel – Starscape, which chronicles the near-hopeless quest of Pluriel, Ringard, Galdore and Tristal across Militer to recover the Sword of the Star. This Sword, stolen centuries ago by Jalavak, is the only weapon which can defeat the Dark Lord, for he was wounded by it in the war of the Valintari at the dawn of time. But the four companions can do nothing alone. For the Sword to be found at all, the Star itself must fall from the sky and aid them in their quest, and how can such a thing come to pass?

Now then, down to business. What, who(m), when, where, and how do I write?

What do I write?

Fantasy, fantasy, fantasy! I love fantasy! My imagination is constantly picturing new, exotic locations and situations for my characters, and writing fantasy allows me to indulge this more than I’d be able to if I wrote ‘real-life’ novels.

J.R.R. Tolkien used to talk about ‘sub-creation’, the idea of an author creating his own secondary creation. I think everyone probably has an urge like this to some degree or other; I’m blessed to have a talent for writing, which lets me get it all out somewhere!

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