“Deleted scene” from Starscape (spoilers)

Who doesn’t love a good deleted scene? I know I do – I was more than delighted to discover that my new copy of Jane Austen’s Persuasion included her original ending for the book! The scene below never made it into the final draft of Starscape, but I’d love to share it with you anyways since it still fits into the story.

Warning: One VERY MAJOR plot spoiler and one very minor plot spoiler.

Eloderaý stood alone, gazing into the distance. Galdore saw her standing there, tall and slender, her auburn hair glinting red and gold in the sunset light. Quietly he approached her from behind. Deep in thought, she did not mark him till he was beside her.

“What are you thinking of?” he asked softly.

“Many things,” she replied without looking round.

“May I ask what?”

“Of Royaleisia – how she saved my life at the expense of her own.”

“How does that follow?” he asked, confused at her reasoning.

“If I hadn’t been such a fool,” she replied bitterly, “so vain as to fight with Jalavak, she would not have had to save me. She could have gotten safely away from his vicinity.”

Tears ran down Eloderaý’s face and she clenched her fists at her sides. Compassionately, he took her into his arms.

“You were one of our company,” he reminded her. “You knew that Royaleisia must be the one who killed the Dark Lord. She knew this already: it is not your fault she will die.” He gently raised her head from his shoulder. “Do not weep, my love, but forget grief and find joy in her memory. And if you will, I shall make you my Queen, for I shall wed with you if you desire it.”

“I will indeed wed with you,” she replied, smiling now again. “For I believe that I have loved you since I saw you come walking across the field of battle after the shadow fell, your hair gleaming with the light, and your face near as bright as the Sun was that day.”

Gently the King touched her cheek. “Truly I have loved you since first I saw you.” And he drew her to him and kissed her forehead.


2 thoughts on ““Deleted scene” from Starscape (spoilers)

  1. Having seen the spoiler notice I haven’t read this (I want to read the book first). I do agree though that deleted scenes are wonderful. They are quite often a quick glance into an author’s head, in much the same way the director’s cut of movies can sometimes be.

    Although I am not a fan of romance, I do like Jane Austen’s work (I was fortunate enough to once live a few miles from her house in Chawton). The ‘cancelled chapters’ are great to read through.

    I’ll bookmark this and return once I’ve read, “Starscape” 🙂

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    1. There’s a funny story behind that spoiler notice… there are two spoilers in the scene but only one is significant; however, I only really noticed the minor one because it is the main theme of the scene. So when I posted it originally, the notice read “Warning: (Very) minor plot spoiler.” I hit publish, then reread it to check for mistakes – and realized that there was another huge spoiler! I’m glad I caught that! 🙂

      I’m not a big fan of romance either, but the chivalry of Jane Austen’s world really appeals to me.


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