4 Things You Probably Didn’t Know about Writers

  1. We don’t write as much as you think we do.
    At least I don’t. It’s surprisingly hard to buckle down and churn out a couple pages. It’s much easier to gravitate straight to social media the second I get the tiniest touch of writer’s block. I then end up spending ages on Pinterest, pinning things that inspire me, and saying how inspired I feel, and then spending ages longer on Pinterest doing nothing with said inspiration. It’s kinda sad.
  2. Writing is actually work.
    Don’t tell writers to ‘get a job’. Writing is definitely work. I know this because I know how hard it is to write a chapter, and I also know how hard it is to clean the house. And writing a chapter isn’t necessarily any more fun than cleaning the house.
  3. Despite what you think, we probably didn’t put you in our last novel.
    And if we did, it probably wasn’t as the villain who died a horrible death in the last chapter.
    We also probably didn’t put in every one of our family members, or the neighbours, or our best friends. I rarely base a character on a real live person (I prefer for my characters to be their own person), and I have a feeling few other writers do either.
  4. We do have those lightbulb moments.
    If you have writer friends, you may’ve experienced this: you innocently say something, our eyes go glassy. “Are you okay?” you ask nervously, and we nod as though we’re in a daze. “Are you sure?” you ask again. “Yes,” we murmur abstractedly (or squawk excitedly, as the case  may be). “Do you have something I can make a note with?”

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