10 reasons to be a writer

  1. You have a legitimate reason to spend your entire life at Tim Horton’s (or wherever my non-Canadian friends hang out), drinking coffee or hot chocolate and guzzling Timbits. Timbits. Hot chocolate. What else can I say?
    (For those of you who may have heard that Timbits are the ammunition with which we keep all the moose on Vancouver Island, this is untrue [although I’m HIGHLY tempted to confirm the theory]. They are actually the bits from the middle of a donut. Come to Canada and have Timbits.)

    Now I want Timbits. Oh my Arnor I even smell Timbits. GIVE THE STARVING CANADIAN TIMBITS.
  2. You can do your job lying in bed, in between naps. If you’re a self-publisher, you can even publish your book from your bed. Must… keep… eyelids… up…
  3. You don’t have to be as gorgeous as Elizabeth Taylor. In fact, people almost expect you to look a little scruffy. At the same time, if you are as gorgeous as Elizabeth Taylor, it’s totally fine.
  4. Non-writers don’t get those jaw-droppingly awesome moments where you suddenly receive the most epic inspiration since Tolkien’s for The Lord of the Rings. Like when you realise that an old saying could potentially have such deeper meaning. Not going to say what this was for me because it’s epic and I’m going to be selfish and keep it to myself. 😛
  5. You get the chance to explore your ideas and beliefs in depth, but without (necessarily) sounding preachy. Even though I often end up sounding preachy anyway. But when it works itself in subtly, it’s such a satisfying feeling.
  6. Socialising can be kept to a minimum. Which is what we all long for in life, isn’t it?
  7. When you get in trouble in class for daydreaming, you have a legitimate excuse… or not. If you have an awesome teacher, this may work.
  8. You haven’t got a boss, nor any coworkers, to deal with. For self-publishers, this is even more true. So what are you waiting for?
  9. You can act like one of those stereotypical weird authors and confirm all your family and friends’ suspicions about writers. Ya know, the kind of weird authors with long dark greasy hair that never leave the house and when they do they talk really weird and can’t socialise. All for the laughs.
  10. You can work when you like, as long as you like. Even when you’re sick. Which may or may not be a plus.

11 thoughts on “10 reasons to be a writer

  1. Way late here, but I just wanted to let you know that in the US, some of us do know and love Tim Horton’s. There are a few TH restaurants in the Midwest and the states near Canada. I went to one in Ohio all the time while I was at college there (that would be “university” in Canadian 😉 )


  2. Fun post! Still, as someone who has published, I cannot perceive a time where I could ever scrape a living off of anything I’ve written (or will write). To be honest, I’d be lucky to pay for a pot of tea… which is why I need a day job 😉

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    1. Never actually tried one of their iced capps, I try to stay as far away from anything like coffee as possible. Next time we see each other I may or may not allow you to force-feed (or force-drink) me one. 😛


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