Character designs from Seascape

Another author recommended on her blog as a way to visualise characters. I was intrigued and checked out the site, and found it excellent. Quite a bit of spare time over the next couple days was spent in designing some of the main characters and a couple minor ones from Seascape.

If you like to have pictures of your characters that you can refer to whilst writing, I certainly recommend trying out the site. For fantasy writers, I’d suggest using the Lord of the Rings and/or Game of Thrones doll makers. You can’t do everything with this tool; for instance, there is no option to design a child in either of the “games”. However, as you’ll see below, I was able to make do for Lody. Even if you never refer back to your pictures again after making them, it’s an effective way to become more familiar with your character’s features, such as hair and eye colour. (Which I am constantly forgetting. :/ )




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