My interview on Mercedes Fox Books

Why do you write? I write to get all the stories out of my head. If I didn’t they’d be constantly nagging me to let them out and I would go insane! Even just restraining one story whilst I finish my WIP is enough to drive me mad.

When did you decide to become a writer? The first book I remember writing was when I was about six years old. By the time I was twelve I had completed a couple historical novels in diary format (if you know the Dear Canada or Dear America books, they were my inspiration) andnew begun a number of others which I never did finish. After finishing my first of those diaries, I knew I wanted to be a published author someday.

What genre are your books? Nowadays I write fantasy. I mentioned I used to write historical novels, but somehow I can’t imagine doing that anymore. Unlike with real-world history, when I write fantasy, I’m free to invent anything and everything. If I want a sentient star in my story, I can have a sentient star in my story. If I want a sea fairy in my story, I can have a sea fairy in my story. Not to be elitist and say fantasy is better than any other – I enjoy an enormous range of genres!



3 thoughts on “My interview on Mercedes Fox Books

  1. Interesting interview as always! But my Arnor, that sunburn sounds PAINFUL! I once had one so bad that I couldn’t even smile without it beginning to throb.


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