8 situations you writers are probably familiar with

  1. Mentally writing your next chapter when you’re at work, and your boss asks you a question and you accidentally reply with whatever your character is saying just then.
    Trust me when I tell you not to do this. It is highly embarrassing.
  2. That squirmy feeling you get when you know you ought to be writing, but can’t quite make yourself just get to work.
    A.k.a. that squirmy feeling I get so often.
  3. When you finish your book and that lost feeling washes over you.
    You’d think you could go straight on to the next story that’s been germinating since five minutes after you started the one you’ve just finished, but it takes time to get over the heartless way you treated your characters.
  4. Trying to think of an engaging opening scene for your book.
    Fans’ watching eyes are on you, it’s harder than you think! (Paraphrase of the song “The Tiger” by Peter Jenkyns which is strangely amazing. Unfortunately I can’t find a video on the web and I have a terrible cold right now so can’t record it myself.)
  5. When you unthinkingly plop a name onto a character, and later on you want to change it but the name belongs to the character and you can’t change it.
    I love it when this happens, because it feels so perfect, as though the character is really becoming a person. On the other hand, sometimes it can be a little annoying – every now and then I want to change a character’s name for whatever reason but it feels so wrong to call him/her something else. Sometimes I can’t even change the spelling of a name without it feeling out of place!
  6. When you’re lying in bed at 1:00 AM trying to go to sleep, but you keep thinking out new plotlines for your story.
    Or you keep pondering the philosophical implications of that one scene.
  7. When you have the best idea ever for a new book or story, but no clue how to develop it.
    All the time… someday perhaps all these ideas will sort themselves out.
  8. When people are forever enquiring about the mysterious phrases and words scrawled across your hand.
    And the politely confused replies they give when you go into a detailed explanation of your characters, story, and world.

6 thoughts on “8 situations you writers are probably familiar with

  1. #1 happened to me just a day or two ago, when I was at my music lesson. My teacher and I were going over a problem in theory, and she suddenly asked me a question. (I don’t even know what it was. She never repeated it. I think she was really startled…). Unfortunately, I was thinking more of the chapter I’m in the middle of writing than my theory book, and I said, ‘You shall not kill me!’ My teacher was like, ‘Pardon me?’ I was laughing for ten minutes straight in my room right after getting home afterwards!

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