The stars of Militer

I did a TON of world-building for Starscape. I figured out pretty close to everything. One thing I created was a star chart because at the time I was into astronomy, and since stars are so important to the story (and because astronomy is cool), I thought it would be fun to make a star chart.

Star Map

If you’ve read Starscape already, you’ll know that three of the constellations are made up of stars bearing the names of the Valintari (if you haven’t read Starscape yet, the Valintari are kind of angelic beings). These three are Ralẃk (pronounced ral-ook), the Warrior constellation; Tarna, the Queen; and Talna, the King.

The other constellations are the Jogen, the Silisik, the Mountains of the Sky, and Elharoýal (I love this word, it’s pronounced El-ha-roe-ee-al. The ‘h’ in the second syllable is barely pronounced, just breathed ever so lightly). Other than the ones named for the Valintari, none of the stars have official names, although some are given names by local groups of people. These are generally surrounded by supersititions.

Jogens are pretty nasty creatures created by the Dark Lord; they have the head of a bear but the body of a man.

Silisiks are also pretty nasty creatures, but aren’t inherently evil. They live in forests and are carnivorous: usually they just eat rabbits but if they’re ravenous they will attack humans. They kill by means of their poisonous fangs. Here’s a description of them taken from my world-building document:

Its colour is grey. It has four eyes which are white in the sunlight and glow red in the dark; two are on the front of its head whilst two are set one on each side of the head. It has a long snout with nostrils resembling those of a pig. It can be five to six feet long, and is generally no more than two feet in diameter. It slinks through the forest; concealment while doing so is very easy because of its thinness. The sound it makes is a shrill hissing sort of noise somewhat like boiling tea in a kettle.

As for the other two constellations besides the Jogen and Silisik, well, the Mountains of the Sky are pretty self-explanatory. They’re possibly my favourite of the six constellations – they’re simple and neat.

Then there’s Elharoýal. ‘Elharoýal’ is Militerian for ‘Mystery of the Sky’ and I think this Militerian word actually does sound mysterious and starry at the same time. The constellation doesn’t actually depict anything found in Militer; however, it’s counted as a constellation because its stars often act oddly, blinking and moving back and forth. I may write a sequel to Starscape employing this phenomenon someday. In fact I probably should.

And those are the stars of my world!


2 thoughts on “The stars of Militer

    1. Thanks for the comment! As a reader I love this sort of thing because it shows the love and care the author has put into the creating and writing of his/her world. As a writer, it makes my world more concrete and also often turns into inspiration!


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