Seasape Book Trailer

The music used in this video is ‘Icarus’ by Two Steps from Hell and I do not own it.


4 thoughts on “Seasape Book Trailer

  1. The text and music work well. Good effort!

    Creating a book trailer can be a real headache, especially when a trailer is promoting a book commercially. It’s the copyright hurdle, never more so than when dealing with music tracks. Is the ‘Icarus’ track free?

    I know I took a risk when I used a track for my own trailer on ‘The Chalice’ without licensing the music. For what it’s worth, I put a disclaimer up, but I will look at changing it further down the line. When I created the trailer for ‘A Bump in the Night’ I created all my own artwork or used royalty free material/tracks. I also included rolling credits to ensure no ‘pointed fingers’.

    Chances are, no one will care, but I’d add a tagline to this page just to be sure 😉

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    1. A headache it was, but I’m into moviemaking so I probably enjoyed making the trailer more than I otherwise might’ve!

      The Icarus track is not free as far as I know… I realised it was a risk but I’m hoping since the trailer is surely not going to get very many views, it won’t be a problem. I will add a line to the post though – good idea 🙂


  2. I love this! The pictures are lovely, the music is great, and you made a great choice of words for the text; they’re really keeping me in suspense. I can’t wait to read Seascape!

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