Excerpts from Seascape #8: “Why should men die?”

As part of my learning curve using KDP to publish Seascape, I ran into a snag which resulted in it publishing Seascape to the Kindle store just too late to run the free days starting today! It’s available on Kindle now, but won’t be free till tomorrow.

In the meantime, we could turn this into a historical re-enactment. Remember the days when there were no ebooks and you had to wait, like, a week or two to get your book? *horrified gasps*

Here’s another teaser for y’all whilst we wait.


The entire army ducked just as two thunders – a full twenty – of dragons roared overhead. Their legs strained downward, snatching up men and letting them fall as they wheeled back to their masters. Why should men die? How could anything be worth such a price? The Illyrië must fall, but how could anything be worth such a price? A tremendous fury flooded through Einur’s blood as he watched his people die.

“Archers, fire at will!”

Copyright 2016 by Benita J. Prins


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