Wednesday’s Words of Wisdom

children quote.png

My 3-year-old brother says the cutest things sometimes (aka a lot of the time).

A few of the best stories…

He comes running inside, very excited, and my sister asks him where he’s been. He pauses, then says with his head cocked, “I went to the moon!”

Two friends of ours recently got married. Now whenever someone mentions weddings around him, he murmurs “James and Mary” in a thoughtful tone.

As the priest and altar boys went down the aisle after Mass one Sunday, Robby said in a stage whisper, “Hi, Father John!”

He used to go around crooning, “Bilbo Baggins… was a hobbit…”

And my favourite…

During after-dinner prayers, Dad always gives thanks for “this good food”. Robby used to always repeat this, but one evening he considered for a moment before saying, “Fanks this good ice cream!”


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