Tuesdays with Tolkien: Life flitters by

It's the job that's never started as takes longest to finish..png

I had the weirdest thought the other day…

I was walking down the street to give a piano lesson, and then I thought of how a week ago I was doing the exact same thing, worried about a wedding I was playing organ for the next day. I’d been practising for the wedding for what seemed like ages, and this afternoon it struck me all at once… the wedding’s been done for a week already! All that worry and now it’s gone and done, never more to be thought of.

Life flitters by, mellyn nin.

I don’t know if my point is to enjoy things (even if they’re a wedding you’re playing Vivaldi’s Presto from “Summer” for [I do not recommend this piece for keyboard instruments]), or not to worry about them (repeat contents of last parentheses), or not to procrastinate (what do you mean, I don’t procrastinate), or what. But it is the job that’s never started as takes longest to finish, and life flitters by, so don’t waste time!

(A lot of things can be expedited. Even Lord of the Rings.)


What do you think?

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