What It Looks Like When I Write

Aha! My Camp NaNoWriMo cabinmates are ahead of me! Must write.

What It Looks Like When I Write.jpg

Pull up document. Carefully study what was written yesterday. Lean head forward on hands and think hard (a.k.a. Feel Like A Writer). Oh yes! I need to figure out that character’s name, he’ll enter the fray in only a chapter or two and needs a name now.

Waste fifteen minutes on online name generators that I thought would work. Find numerous female names for future use but no more than one or two male ones. Give up in disgust and choose from current list of male names. Return to document. Stare blankly at page. I have an entire plot in my head but I don’t know what comes next in the small scheme of things.

Recheck Camp NaNoWriMo site: cabinmates haven’t re-updated their word counts. Good, I feel like a success. Return to document once more. Close eyes. See scene. Characters are walking; what’s behind them? In front? To the sides? Where shall they go?

They shall go there.

Fingers on keyboard.



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