What am I working on? and so forth.

I am not unwilling to admit that the reason I’ve missed Tuesdays with Tolkien twice in a row is because summer is a terribly lazy time for me. All the days and weeks seem to run together into one. Forgive me for that, and next week I’ll reward you with an extra-special TWT post about how J.R.R.T. influenced my own work.

For now, here’s an update on what I’m doing lately in the way of writing.

Songscape (update: retitled Song of the Shadow)

This one has turned out to be really intriguing so far, and I’ve Songscape 1.pngalready gotten some encouraging feedback from my beta reader! The premise:

The premise: Songscape takes place in Soirách, a country in a world which at this tender point in the proceedings has no name. This unnamed world is tied together by the Breathsong, which is created by the Choir, which is ruled overall by the King.

One morning, Eanswynn (ain-zwin) wakes to find the air completely silent, which strikes her because there’s always a subtle melody in it. However, a melody plays persistently in her head. Following where this melody leads her, she looks for a way to bring back the Breathsong, a quest that may lead her all the way to the Palace of the King above the clouds.

This cover design is conceptual, here only because I like to have an image to show, and is by no means final. Don’t mention how bad it is as a cover 😛

Dark Flower

Y’all probably kind of know about this one, as I was working on it for Camp Nanowrimo in Dark Flower 9.pngApril (which was a terrible idea because of school, and no need to say I didn’t reach my goal…). I’ve slacked off a bit on it as I knew where it was going but couldn’t figure out how to get it there, so I’m working more on Songscape lately.

Plot of Dark Flower: In tears one evening after being insulted by her boss’s wife, Gloria Rose Lancaster doesn’t see the open sewer as she walks home. Think most people drown if they fall in a sewer? Well, Gloria lands in a world called Marlynd.

(A/N: I do not actually recommend jumping down a sewer in search of Narnia or Middle-earth. Kids, make sure you ask an adult before you try this.)

Her first thought is that this is really cool, but her second is of her mother, alone after her father’s death a year ago. In search of a way home, she talks to a sort-of-wise-man who says yes, there’s a way to send people to other worlds, but it involves sorcery, and he refuses to do such a thing. Furious, and desperate to get home to her mother, Gloria “joins the Dark Side”.

It’s a lot more of a “spiritual journey” story than my others so far.

Again, conceptual cover design, although I’m incredibly attached to this one. It’s gorgeous.

The Ivy Bush: A Tolkien Magazine

The Ivy Bush has been running for FOUR YEARS now! Yippee! I started it back in August 2012 with another friend of mine who is also a huge Tolkien geek, first because I loved Tolkien, second because I loved writing, third because I wanted a free Tolkien magazine. Neither of us expected it to become anything much (especially because we were pretty young then and frankly, some of my earliest articles were really bad…), but as of today we have a relatively large number of subscribers and that number is always growing!

We do bi-monthly issues by email and it’s really fun (and subscription is totally free). If you’re interested, check it out here!

As you know, I also recently removed all poetry/short story posts from my blog. I’m submitting them to magazines now. I figured it would be a good way to get some extra exposure, and also earn a bit of money for my college fund. Hopefully that goes somewhere!


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