TWT: My 5 favourite Tolkien artists

There’s so much spectacular Tolkien art out there it’s hard to know where to start looking. That said, of the ones I’ve found, these artists are my favourites.

#5: Edarlein


Many of Edarlein’s paintings and drawings are very good; some are excellent. Her rendition of “Aegnor to the Last Battle” is my favourite of hers. (“Melkor and Hurin” was such a close runner-up.) Find her on DeviantArt.

#4: Magali Villeneuve


As always, it’s very hard to pick a favourite of Magali Villeneuve’s Tolkien art. This painting of Beregond had to win though. I mean, it’s Beregond. Ms Villeneuve’s website is

#3: Ted Nasmith


Ted Nasmith is so good that an online friend of mine and I spent a couple days just exchanging links to his work. 🙂 “The Sun Unveiled”, pictured here, is the first of his paintings that I ever saw. Mr Nasmith’s website is


#2: Jenny Dolfen


I love “The Drawing of the Sword” because of the vibrant colours, and also because (like many of Dolfen’s paintings) it has a vivid sense of action. More of Ms Dolfen’s art can be found on her website


#1: Elena Kukanova

Andreth & Aegnor

This picture is of Aegnor and Andreth. It’s so gorgeous in every way that it’s hard to stop looking at it. Find more of Ms Kukanova’s art on her website or on her DeviantArt page.


5 thoughts on “TWT: My 5 favourite Tolkien artists

  1. Jenny Dolfen, Elena Kukanova, and Ted Nasmith are among my top favorite Tolkien artists as well, with so many lovely and perfect renditions of Tolkien’s characters and world. And I had never heard of the other two artists you mentioned, but I absolutely love their pieces you posted! (Especially since I love both Aegnor and Beregond, as you seem to…) 🙂 Thank you for the introduction to these new-to-me artists and for the links to their portfolios!

    And excuse me while I sob over Aegnor and Andreth…. Theirs is one of my favorite Tolkien tales (though little-known), and so utterly beautiful and tragic. Also, like you, I have been known to study Kukanova’s paintings of them for much too long, haha!! 😀

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      1. It’s told in the Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth in Morgoth’s Ring (Histories of Middle-earth X). I got that volume from the library solely to read the Athrabeth, which is the only part of the Histories I have read so far (though that is bound to change!). And since Finrod is my favorite Silmarillion Elf, and Aegnor and Andreth are one of my favorite Tolkien couples, you can bet I loved the Athrabeth for the characters and their wonderful story and relationships! It’s just too bad that it’s the only place their story is told. 😉

        And not only does it delve deeply into the character development, the Athrabeth also explores so much of the theology, spirituality, and worldview of Elves and Men and the most essential truths of Middle-earth, with wonderful parallels to our world. That aspect was mind-blowing, beautiful, and incredibly meaningful, and it seems to come straight from the deepest part of Tolkien’s Catholic/Christian beliefs. I recommend it highly, as you can tell, so if you haven’t read it, or don’t remember it, go find a copy and read it! It is absolutely amazing!!

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