TWT: My new favourite character

My favourite LOTR character has been Aragorn ever since I was twelve and had a crush on him. I never thought that would change (and he’s still my favourite movie character), but I have a new favourite from the books.


Drawing by Aidenera on Deviant-Art


They say practically-perfect characters are flat and boring and prissy and hateful, but not Faramir. He’s awesome. “Not if I found it by the wayside would I take it”, he says, and he actually has the strength of character to follow through. Peter Jackson thought it was inconsistent that Faramir could resist the Ring’s lure when no other human could (which I think is debatable in itself, but whatever), but that is the point of Faramir. He shows that humans are not completely weak and ignoble, but are capable of nobility and honour. If everyone caves under the Ring’s spell, if there’s no possibility of resisting evil, then what is the point of going on living?

Not that the only reason I love Faramir is because he illustrates an important point. He’s also gentle with Éowyn, helping her get over Aragorn without pushing himself on her. He’s patient with his cruel father. He follows even Denethor’s most unreasonable instructions, almost to a fault. I think he deserves credit. 🙂


11 thoughts on “TWT: My new favourite character

  1. Very nice! It’s been awhile since I’ve read LotR and I need to go back and re-read them. 😛 But, yes, I agree with everything you say about Faramir. He’s really sweet, kind, and gentle. I hope that someday, God-willing, my future husband will be like him. 🙂

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  2. How did I know this post would be about Faramir? 😀 He is amazing, and I love your tribute to him in this post. 🙂 I actually think the same thing happened to me with Faramir and Aragorn. Aragorn used to be my favorite (and yes, still is in the movie), but I think I do love book Faramir much more now! He is wonderful! And I love how he is the character that Tolkien personally identified with the most.

    Out of all the things I love about Faramir, his gentleness has to be at or near the top of the list. Because he is strong and valiant, but also gentle, and he is more of a man for it. Some would think it makes him weaker and less manly – and I think he might even think so himself – but I think the opposite!

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    1. I think it’s really cool that Tolkien was not planning on Faramir’s character at all and he just “walked” into the story. Also, I’ve got to agree that gentleness is part of manliness just as much as valiance is.


  3. I’ve always liked Faramir too! You’re spot-on about him proving the point that humans are capable of strength and honor even when so many seem to prove otherwise (Joseph Pearce said basically the same thing, IIRC). I wish they hadn’t changed his character in TTT movie, but he was great in ROTK (and of course, better in the books!) As one of my classmates said, “Hollywood just can’t accept that some characters are just badass.”

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    1. I may have to quote your classmate on that 😀 Yes, he was awesome in ROTK. I have a love-hate relationship with the scene where Denethor says he wishes Faramir had died and Boromir lived – I could strangle Denethor but David Wenham’s acting was impeccable: concealing his hurt, but you can hear it in his voice.

      Have you heard of the St Austin Review? Joseph Pearce is editor and every so often there will be an issue all about Tolkien (current issue is C.S. Lewis; last issue was Tolkien). The in-between issues are also fantastic – they cover literature and social topics and so on.

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      1. Haven’t heard of the St. Austin Review, but it sounds interesting! Pearce writes a lot of stuff for The Imaginative Conservative (dot org), and of course his two Tolkien books, “Bilbo’s Journey” and “Frodo’s Journey,” are great as well.

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