My old writing (definitely not melodramatic)

When I was thirteen, I wrote my first Lord of the Rings fanfiction. It was called Romenna: A Tale of Middle-earth, and it was a Tenth Walker story (where an original character joins the Fellowship). I just rediscovered this *ahem* incredibly well-written story and I will share the ending with you in a couple minutes. Just let me give you the background of the plot.


Romenna is an Elf from Rivendell who sneaks away to secretly follow the Fellowship. They realise her presence just before Boromir’s death and she travels with them the rest of the way to Gondor. She ends up marrying a Gondorian (Baranor). A month after their marriage, they go off to visit the places Romenna remembers from her original journey. This was their fate.

(Which I honestly find incredibly amusing.)

The days until Lothlorien was reached were filled with merriment, but when they reached the wood, Romenna became serious. She tiptoed around the deserted trees, touching them lightly with a fingertip. When she returned to Baranor, she was saddened.

“They are all gone,” she said. “There is no one left.”

Romenna did not like to stay in a place that was now dark instead of bright and merry. So they prepared to leave.

The day they repacked the boat, the current of the river was especially strong. Romenna left Baranor loading something and went for more. As she came back out of the trees, she stopped and screamed.

Everything, everyone, was gone.


Romenna ran to the bank and knelt by the water. She put her hand in, and it was tugged away. Hastily she pulled it out again, and looked down the river. Nothing was in sight.

How long she knelt there and wept Romenna never knew. But when there were no tears left, she got up and went back into the forest. She entered Caras Galadhon and climbed to the flet where Celeborn and Galadriel had lived.

For three months she lived there. She never smiled again, she who had always been the merriest of any group.

In mid-spring of the next year, a party of men, sent by Aragorn and Imrahil to seek them, found Romenna. She was lying as though asleep on the grassy bank where Baranor had been lost.

The men carried her body back home. She was buried with honour in Rohan. It was always said of her that she had been the most spirited woman to be connected with the royal family of Dol Amroth.

*clears throat again* What? I needed a way to end the thing!


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