Help me name the “Shadow Trilogy”!

I’m currently writing Song of the Shadow, the first book in what I hope to make a fantasy trilogy. (To see more about the plot, visit this post and scroll down.) The other two books will be named Shadows in the Dark and Until the Shadows Flee Away. My problem is that I don’t have a name for the trilogy! I’m currently calling it “The Shadow Trilogy” just because I need something to call it, but that is obviously not an option for when I publish it. I do hope to use the word “shadow” somewhere in the name, though, since it’s a clear thread through the three titles. That’s where you come in. Can you think of a possible name for the trilogy?

Chime in here with your suggestions!

Everyone who makes a suggestion (or two!) has the option to enter a draw with a grand prize of ebook copies of both my published fantasy novels, Starscape and Seascape, and a second prize of one ebook copy of Seascape. And if your suggestion is chosen, I’ll give you a shout-out on my website!


What do you think?

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