TWT: a snowman’s demise

 Yesterday [the North Polar Bear] was snowballing the Snow-man in the garden and pushed him over the edge of the cliff so that he fell into my sleigh at the bottom and broke lots of things – one of them was himself. I used some of what was left of him to paint my white picture.

The Father Christmas Letters

Tolkien writes such profound stuff and then you just come across a passage like this… It’s whimsical. It’s hilarious. It’s also mildly disturbing. 😀

Also, it’s St Nicholas Day! So, Gelukkige Sinterklaasdag!



12 thoughts on “TWT: a snowman’s demise

  1. Oh yeah! As one of the ten or so Finnish students on this continent, I love the Finnish names Tolkien gave the polar bears in The FCL: Karhu (bear), Paksu (fat), and Valkotukka (white-fur). In fact, the whole concept of flying reindeer comes from the mythologies of the indigenous people of Finland, the Sami, and the Evenki people (natives of Siberia), both of which were reindeer herders and domesticators.


  2. Hehe. I’ve read the Father Christmas letters. My favorite part is when he and the North Polar Bear beat the snot out of the goblins. Why can’t more Christmas stories have stuff like that in them? 😀


    1. Oh gosh, that part was the funniest thing in the world when I was little 😀

      That’s really cool that Tolkien just translated those words into Finnish – I didn’t know that! It really is the best way to name things, though. It makes the name fit the person or place, and most people reading will never know. Finnish actually sounds like an ancient version of Quenya, now I look at it. (Which I suppose makes sense since my tired waking brain just realised that he BASED Quenya on Finnish… my brain doesn’t really work till after 9am.)


      1. I was reading Finnish out loud to my family one time, and the first thing they said was “It sounds like weird Elvish.” In the first Hobbit movie when Galadriel says “I will come” she says something like “tulithon,” and the first thing I thought was “Ooo! It sounds like tulla (‘to come’ in Finnish)!” 😀

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    1. You should read the entire Father Christmas Letters if you liked this! The book is by J.R.R. Tolkien but has nothing to do with Lord of the Rings so if you’re not into fantasy you will probably still enjoy it! It’s a great Christmas read.

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