TWT: Arwen’s Song

This is possibly the best poem I’ve ever written.

Arwen’s Song

We met at dusk in Imladris wood;

He called, “Tinúviel!”

As Beren called in years long past,

Far west of Rivendell.

In Lórien of singing gold

We met at length once more;

I plighted troth to Arathorn’s son

On Amroth’s hill of lore.

I turned away from Elven-home

And gave to him my love;

Immortal life I rejected then

And naught could my heart move.

Estel went far a-journeying

Till war inevitable came.

Through Eru’s grace Ring passed away,

The Shadow fell in shame.

In City of Kings our hands were joined

At midsummer of year;

And though he’d kingdom, wealth, and power,

‘Twas me he held most dear.

But at long last his years were spent;

He lay in Silent Street

As still and cold as hardest stone.

Our son took Estel’s seat.

I chose to bear the Doom of Men

That day so long ago;

I now must bear the Doom of Men,

Would I or would I no.

I’ll not be conquered at last test –

I who renounced the Foe.

There’s life past death, Eru’s gift to Men,

Relief from bitter load.

My mortal love, I grieve for you

Beneath these fading trees

Of what was once fair Lórien,

Forsaken for the seas.

I too now lay me down to sleep

Upon this hill of ours,

To lie, perchance, forevermore

In nature’s golden bower.

O Elbereth Gilthoniel,

Your daughter Arwen sleeps.

O Eru, take me to Your land

Beyond the Sundering Seas.


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