A call for aid (scroll for poll)

I find myself in dire need of thine aid, my friends.

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, I thought it would be super cool to name all my books titles like Starscape, Seascape, Songscape… you get the idea.

This was not as good an idea as it seemed.

Starscape’s title is going to remain the same, but after getting a number of questions recently about whether it and Seascape are part of a series, I’ve finally decided to rename the latter.

I have a few possible titles right now: Though the Waves Toss and a variation thereof, The Waves May Toss, or Sea of Crystal. (Also, come to think of it, Sea of Crystal, Sea of Glass could be cool too.) In keeping with the chapter titles, I’ve taken these titles from Bible verses as I’d like to keep the theme going.

What I’d also like are your feedback or suggestions. What do you think of the titles I’ve thought of, and do you have some other promising possibilities?


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