I do a candy fast, and why I’ve been gone (aka me getting real)

I have gone a week without candy or sweets, save for mid-morning snack and post-dinner dessert. I've survived. We'll see what the second week brings, but I think once I get through the official fast, I'll want to keep going… I feel really healthy. 😆

As for why I've been gone… so I burned out around the beginning of March. Finishing the lest vestiges of high school was driving me to distraction, my new job was taking over my life, and in short, I couldn't even think about blogging – or even working on my WIP –  without getting stressed and anxious. So I let it all slide (without even explaining online about why I wasn't blogging or doing much social media, for which I do apologize).

At this point, thankfully, I am completely finished high school, college and freedom beckon to me from a mere 35 days away, and work has become a routine. I still don't have a clue when Dark Flower is going to be finished or whatever, but I'm gonna start getting back into the periodic blogging routine. Yay. 😀 And that's my story.

In other news, I've opened a Teespring store where I sell awesome geeky t-shirt designs including LOTR (duh) and Doctor Who.

And as always, I do semi-regular stuffs on Twitter and Facebook so make sure you're following me there!


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