Sea of Crystal, Sea of Glass

When faced with a choice between the unthinkable and the impossible, choose the impossible.

All Einur Landman has left in the world are his flock of sheep and his beloved little sister, and he cares about nothing except protecting her from the Illyrië. But when Einur is chosen to become the next sacrifice he must flee, leaving Lody behind. Escaping into the wild, he learns that there is one way to defeat the Illyrië and their evil cult, a way to keep Lody safe forever. Now Einur must choose between the unthinkable – Lody’s probable death – and the impossible – finding a long-lost king.

In his quest across country from his mountain village to the edge of the sea, everything Einur believes will be tested. For Lody’s sake, can he make the final crucial choice and stand firm to the bitter end? Or will his courage fail in the darkest hour?

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