“First off–gorgeous cover! I was often surprised and delighted by the author’s fresh descriptions especially of weather, and the worldbuilding and names felt very real. My favorite character was Einur (though Lody, Gernhr, and Haledon were awesome too), and his first meeting with Eigion was veeery interesting. [I especially loved the repeated line, “Do you trust me?” and the fact that dragons are not always your friend.] Talk about shaking up the usual fantasy stereotypes! While a few of the plot twists were somewhat predictable, the daring escapes/rescues (Wow, on that temple one!) were really cool. And the ferret!!! Not recommended for younger readers because of some intense action including kidnapping, near death, and mistreatment of a child. Also, all magic (and some hypnotizing) was portrayed as evil but it was still present and there were a few mythical creatures including dwarves and sea fairies.

Best quote: “He’s not a baby, he’s six thousand years old,” said Einur defensively.

Altogether, I enjoyed this fresh fantasy, and I really want a Naha’k dwarf now. 😉

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.”

Kate Willis – via

“The world that Prins created was definitely unique with dragons, sea fairies, and characters whose hair and beard were pale green, something we don’t see every day in our world. At the heart of this book is the story of Einur who will do anything to save his younger sister, Lody, from the Illyrië, who draw names to determine which child will be the next to be sacrificed (similar to drawing names for tribute in The Hunger Games). The Christian theme comes into play with Einur on his quest to protect Lody. I don’t want to elaborate on the story or what happens because I don’t want to give away any spoilers.

I will say that overall, I found this to be a unique, entertaining read and a great addition to the Christian fantasy genre. I think this book would be good for parents to read with their kids and might even be suited to a Sunday school or Christian classroom lesson. Fans of Narnia, Hunger Games, and Lord of the Rings should check this out for sure. Read full review at:”

~Kait’s Bookshelf,

“I enjoyed reading Seascape from the very first page. There is indeed a vein of originality in this beautiful book, the way the titles tell a story within a story is simply fascinating, and I must say that, at least in my opinion, there is a powerful symbolism in several of the events told in this fantasy novel. If Starscape proved that Benita J. Prins was a faithful disciple of Tolkien, Seascape is definitely a step forward, an expression of her own style, and certainly the beginning of a bright career for this promising young writer.”

~Julio Javier Nuñez,

“This second book by Benita J. Prins is even better than her first book Starscape! I planned to take my time on it, but I read it in one afternoon due to the fact that I couldn’t wait to see what happened next. The new characters are so realistic and lovable. The plot is fast paced and full of action. This book is not at all predictable. The Christian themes are present, but not preachy. This is a must read for any fantasy fans!”

Carrie Rachelle Johnson – via