Pronunciation Guide

One of my friends suggested that I needed a pronunciation guide for many of the names in Starscape. Well, it’s too late now to put them in the book itself, but I’ll put one here instead.

Names/words whose pronunciations are obvious, are not included here. Some of them may seem self-evident, but I find that there is a great human tendency to mispronounce fantasy names…


Ealcar: EE-al-car

Elamm’: EE-lam

Eloderaý: ell-oh-DAIR-uh-ee

Eparne: ay-PARN

Fortaer: FOR-tair

Frosindalion: froh-sin-DAL-ee-on

Note on ‘Frosindalion’ – what does it even mean? ‘Frosindal’ is the name of Pluriel and Ringard’s father; ‘-ion’ is the ending which means son(s) of. ‘Frosindalion’ is thus essentially ‘sons of Frosindal’ – Ringard and Pluriel’s surname.

Gonor: gah-NOR

Gydi: GYE-dee

Kanadh: KAN-ath (th is hard, as in the)

Kedýran: KED-eer-an

Kylyn: KYE-lin

Lebon: le-BON

Nevarra: nev-AIR-uh

Royaleisia: roy-uh-LEEZ-ee-uh

Valintara/Valintari: val’-in-TAR-uh/val’-in-TAR-ee

Wynna: WIN-a

Militerian Language

From the language’s rules:

  • ẃ is pronounced ‘oo’
  • ý is pronounced ‘ee’
  • ë is pronounced ‘ay’
  • c is generally hard, ‘k’
  • ch is pronounced ‘k’
  • dh is pronounced ‘th’ as in the
  • in consonant clusters involving h’s (excluding ch and dh), such as those in mhala and saranh, the h is practically silent, but do have a slight h sound on the end (mm-h-ala, sarann-h). This should be very brief and almost inaudible.

Specific Words (ones that are used often)

dẃnhl (father): DOON-l

hana-gawë (hello, welcome): HAN-uh GOW-ay

samach ne (thank you): SAM-ak NAY

sularh (son): SOO-lar-h

Still have questions? Ask away in the comments.


3 thoughts on “Pronunciation Guide

  1. I was often wondering how one pronounced “Kylyn” — this guide was very helpful! I had almost all the other names down pat, though. =)


    1. I myself wasn’t totally sure how to pronounce Kylyn till I thought about it for this. 🙂 That happens sometimes – you have the perfect name but you keep pronouncing it one way one day, another way another day. Like Nevarra. Here I say it’s nev-AIR-uh, but for a while I wasn’t sure if it should be that or nev-AHR-uh.


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