“Tolkien’s influence is present in several works, and Starscape is a good example of that. Readers will spot some of the elements of the master’s legacy, yet this novel, the first book of Benita J. Prins, is an original story that has its own voice: the song of Royaleisia.”

~Julio Javier Nuñez,

“This fantasy novel is beautifully written and keeps the reader wanting to read more. The characters are lovable and the quest is one we would all wish to succeed. This book is full of action, but written with dignity not gore. This novel is very clean with no bad language, sensuality, or bloody violence. I would love to read more from this author!”

~Carrie Johnson –

“I had a feeling this book would be interesting based on the author’s likes of certain novels, stories, and authors; but this book was even better than expected, first novel or not. I too love The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings trilogies and other stories of the like, and this book truly fits in with those fantasy adventures. Starscape may not be as long, but it certainly packs a solid punch!

“There is a solid and intriguing plot, well developed multiple storylines that merge together perfectly and a wide range of colorfully detailed characters that made this action-packed, fantasy adventure a real thrill to read! From companionship to fellowship, dark shadows to bright stars, Brave Kings to Dark Lords, adventure to mystery, unique languages to songs of wonder, dragons to odd creatures, this book truly captures what a fantasy adventure novel should be!”

~R.H. Dahl –

Starscape, the first published novel by Benita J. Prins is a fantasy, adventure story suitable for teens, young adults and adults.

“Four companions embark on a quest for the Sword of Star, hoping to full the prophecy and present the King with the sword to defeat the enemy, Jalavak. On their journey they meet up with escaped indentured servant, Eloderay, the mentally unwell Gonor, and the mysterious Royaleisia. Together they must fight the evil forces of Jalavak to restore the kingdom to its former glory.

“The story is fast paced, not too heavy or too long. Well written with believable characters. It would appeal to fans of Lord of the Rings and similar fantasy series.”

~Sarah Jackson –

“A wonderful fantasy by a young writer who shows great promise.

“A Dark Lord is slowly taking over the land. There is not a lot of hope but legend says there is a Sword kept hidden and guarded by a dragon that could destroy Javalak and the spread of evil.

“Pluriel is going to go on a quest to get the sword. His brother, Ringard, as well as two innkeepers, Galdore and Tristal join him. Along the way two more join the mission, a young girl running from being indentured and an old mad-man who has suffered greatly at the hands of Jalavak. Along the way they receive help from a celestial being who has a lot larger part to play in future events than she is letting on.

“The group encounters different evil minions that Jalavak sends to stop them from reaching their goal. He seems to know exactly where and what they are doing. Could there be a trader that knows of the quest?

“There is a battle between good and evil in Starscape, as well as pain, suffering and happiness. It is a quick and enjoyable read.”

~Diane Kasperski – via Amazon

“You have an evil Dark Lord called Jalavak and so many people want to see him fall. There is a story that tells of The Sword of the Star, guarded by the dragon Nevarra, that can kill Jalavak.

“Ringard and his brother Pluriel decide to go looking for the sword and kill Jalavak. Galdore, who owns The Silver Spear Inn decides to go with them, along with his brother Tristal.

“These group of people are called Startern and I thought it was cool how they could look straight at the sun without bothering their eyes as nothing is too bright for them to look upon.

“Along the way they meet a deranged old man named Gonor. I think he is so sweet and his story is so sad. He was tortured, among other things, and this brought him to a madness.

“The group has to fight different creatures that Jalavak has sent after them to stop their journey.

“They make it to a town with a few mishaps while they are there and they pick up another traveler, a girl named Eloderay. She was a servant but had gotten tired of being beaten so she ran away.

“They also have another woman that comes and goes in their group, she calls herself Assiel, but she is something very different and that is not really her name. I’m not going to give that part away 🙂

“Even though this is a short read, there is a good bit of action, plenty of sadness, and some goodness. I really liked the book and it is always nice to read something short that has a lot of meaning. I loved all of the good characters, you got to know them just enough to feel for each thing that happens to them.”

~Melissa Martin –

“I have been watching the TV show “Merlin” on Netflix lately and this book kind of reminds me of this TV show a little. Merlin and Arthur go on quests sometimes and this book has some of that in it and I see few things in this story that makes me think of this TV show. This book is a good fantasy book. If you like to read fantasy, you should give this book a try.”

~Aly –